Threat to American Constitutional First Amendment Rights

“Have a GAY OLE Time”

“GAY is an EMOTION, NOT a Life Style Choice!”

HomoMANsexuals are a protected class.”(?)

It is terrifying how calmly Tim Garcia of the New Mexico Anti-Law Court of Appeals uttered these words.

With one sentence, he set an Illegal precedent that will be used to strip Loving, Honest, Just Americans of their U.S. Constitutionally protected religious freedoms across this nation.

He ruled that a Christian photography company did not have the right(?) to use their U.S. Constitutional, First Amendment religious freedoms Rights to refuse to photograph a homoMANsexual “wedding(?)” ceremony.

It didn’t matter that New Mexico legally defines marriage as one man and one woman, and that the homoMANsexual “wedding(?)” is outside the law.

And it didn’t matter that Jonathan and Elaine Hugeunin are both devout, Loving Christians who find perverse homoMANsexual “marriage(?)” to be unnatural and offensive.

Their First Amentment Rights of the U.S. Constitution did not matter because:

HomoMANsexuals are a protected HATE/Criminal class.”(?)

According to the ANTI-American HATE courts, when the Loving photographers refused to give their blessing to an illegal, perverse and immoral ceremony, Jonathan and Elaine committed a Hate(?) Crime.

This is exactly the HATE and Perversion threat, Public Advocate and I have been warning Loving Americans about for decades.

The ANTI-American, HATE courts and the perverted government have created a second standard by which the actions of homoMANsexuals — and the actions of mainstream Americans towards homoMANsexuals — are judged.

The owners of Elane Photography did NOT hurt anyoneOr damage anything.

They committed no crime.

They just said “No to a hate group.”

But the ANTI-Constitutional courts have mis-ruled that homoMANsexual “rights(?)” are more important than AMERICAN U.S. Constitutional First Amendment religious freedoms.

The WANNA-BE judge actually said that homoMANsexuals are entitled(?) to greater protections than small children!

At the heart of this ruling is the Thought Control Bill Obama signed into ANTI-law his first year in office; a bill Public Advocate fought tooth-and-nail to stop.

It states that any unfavorable act against a homoMANsexual is a hate crime.(?) Thats right they want to control your opinions as well!!

And it is just the start.

If the HomoMANsexual Bill of Special Rights is ever passed, homoMANsexuals will become the true super-HATE-power in America.

I am proud to say that Public Advocate has led fight against the HATEFUL homoMANsexual Bill of Special Rights more times than I can remember.

The radical HATEFUL HomoMANsexual Lobby has been trying to pass it for decades, but you and I have stopped them every time.

And with the most pro-HATE/homoMANsexual WANNA-BE presidents in history, I know — with your help — TRUE LOVING AMERICANs can hold off the Anti-American HATE this year too.

For the Family,

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SPLC’s HATE-filled attack on Americans

Public Advocate is once again under attack in national news.

You see, the radical HomoMANsexual Lobby has specifically targeted Public Advocate for destruction.

They want us shut down for good.

They have demanded you and Eugene Delgaudio stop all operations… that Eugene Delgaudio step down from all public roles… that we cease to talk about the radical homoMANsexual agenda entirely.

Silenced.  Disbanded.  Destroyed.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) launched an online petition to have Public Advocate banned from the internet — banned from sending any emails at all.

But now the HomoMANsexual Lobby has upped the ante through their allies at the Southern Poverty Law(?) Center (SPLC).

According to the “HATE GROUP SPLC”, Public Advocate is the hate group.

They claim that our defense of true marriage and traditional morals is an act of hate and offensive to homoMANsexuals.

They have placed Public Advocate on its ERRONEOUS Watch List and announced to every radical HATE GROUP, homoMANsexual and sympathizer that Eugene Delgaudio has to be stopped at all cost.

With our looming victory in Tennessee and the growing fights for real marriage in Maryland, Washington and California — we have become Enemy #1.

And now even silencing us is not safe enough for them.

With the SPLC leading the charge, they want to destroy Public Advocate once and for all.

You see, Southern Poverty Law Center has literally written the book on discrediting TRUTH/LOVE/conservative groups.

They label anyone who disagrees with the ever-changing Liberal HATE Agenda as the “hatemongers” or “evil.”

Now they are focused on you and Eugene Delgaudio because the HomoMANsexual/HATE Lobby has become increasingly central to the SPLC’s mission.

They want to destroy any belief in morality, or traditional families, or even in gender — and they have as much as $168 million in assets.

It is heartbreaking to see how much cash they command. But it is nothing less than a sign of GOD’s favor that you and Eugene Delgaudio are holding them off with only a fraction of the resources.

It is up to you and me to fight them every time; for every classroom… for every Church… for every family.

But now they are beating their war drums and gathering their army — and they are finding many cohorts.

With the SPLC’s declaration of war, the entire radical Liberal HATE Lobby is taking aim at Eugene Delgaudio.

Big Media has taken SPLC’s side — repeating the same unfounded accusations and outright lies — while leaders in the Democrat Party have launched public smear campaigns against Eugene Delgaudio personally.

They want to destroy Eugene Delgaudio credibility and the American mission.

And so I have a personal request of you today.

The SPLC and their allies have demanded that Eugene Delgaudio stop talking to you about their HATE agenda.

I could never do that…

But they have also demanded that Public Advocate cease all fundraising operations.

And so Eugene Delgaudio is asking you, right here and right now, to give them your answer.

Will you tell them no?

Will you chip in a quick donation of $10 or more today?

It’s only through your financial support and the support of other pro-American Family that Public Advocate continues to fight.

The very best way for Public Advocate to answer the SPLC’s HATE-filled attack is with an overwhelming show of support.

Every little bit helps.

For the Family,

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Radical ANTI-American activist judge in VA‏

“Have a GAY OLE time”

“GAY is an EMOTION, NOT a life style CHOICE!”

A radical ANTI-American/homoMANsexual activist has just been appointed judge in Virginia, despite the state’s legislature’s adamant rejection of his qualifications.

And Governor Bob McDonnell (VA-R) applauded it!

Here’s the full story:

About a month ago Public Advocate won a major victory in Virginia when thousands led the charge to remove Tracy Thorne’s name from the list of judicial nominees.

You see, Thorne has a track record of more than 20 years of radical ANTI-American/homoMANsexual activism.

He sued the Department of Defense to remove Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

And he is pretending to be in a homoMANsexual “marriage” despite Virginia’s law marriage as only one man and one woman.  He’s even taken his “husband’s(?)” name (two WRONGs DON’T make a right, two husbands DO NOT make a Husband) — styling himself Thorne-Begland — in a pretense of true marriage!

And despite all common sense, the ready-to-compromise conservatives(?) in Virginia’s House of Delegates were willing to give this man a judge’s bench to serve on…

With one ruling this man could have legalized homoMANsexual “marriage” in the state.

Thankfully Del. Bob Marshall sent out an alert to pro-Family Virginias and this nomination was derailed through an intense grassroots phone-in campaign — spearheaded by Public Advocate.

You and I won that round, but the HomoMANsexual Lobby found a loophole.

Despite the fact that Mr. Tracy Thorne was declared unfit by Virginia legislators, Chief Judge Richard Taylor just appointed him to the exact seat he was previously denied!

This move, while not technically illegal, is nothing less than an end-run around the legislators and the will of the people.

It is absolutely disgusting.

And it should be condemned.

But Governor Bob McDonnell immediately released a statement applauding the move!

“Mr. Thorne(Begland?) is well-qualified to serve on the bench.  [I] congratulate him on the appointment.”

Gov. McDonnell is sorely out of touch with the America people.

The very pro-American Family Virginians that he claims to represent fought tooth and nail to deny this self-serving ANTI-American a place of judicial power.

And now he has the gall to ignore everything you and I did!

But there is even more to this fight my friend.

Here is the number for the governor’s office, and a link to an email-in form.

Email the Governor

Please contact him right away and let him know how you and hundreds of thousands more pro-American Family feel about homoMANsexual activist judges.

You can also let him know this judicial fight is not over.

Right now there is no legal venue for anyone to challenge Mr. Thorne’s appointment as judge…

…But his position expires if it not confirmed by the next meeting of Virginia’s General Assembly.

And you can be sure that Public Advocate will be ready and waiting for that fight.

For the Family,

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Avoid Bossy Government

Here’s How Far Self-Reliant Individuals Go to Avoid Bossy Government

Your options to live free and gain more independence from the yoke of big government are nearly limitless. That is, if you’re willing to think way outside the box:
  • You can investigate and consider relocating to libertarian communities built in foreign lands like Ecuador, Argentina, or Chile;
  • In the U.S., you can live in New Hampshire, the only state with neither a broad-based income tax nor a sales tax. The “Live Free or Die” state even has a furtive Free State movement;
  • Join the millions who move away from high tax states such as New York, and choose pro-business, low-tax states like Texas;
  • Give up U.S. citizenship or residency to free yourself from IRS and U.S. regulatory bondage; it may sound un-American to some, but the costs of citizenship have risen to untenable levels for many;
  • Or, you can follow the sturdy individuals who are looking to lay claim and homestead the international waters of the open ocean!
Liberty Island:
Innovative Entrepreneurs Welcomed, No Visas Required…
Zip Ties
This may sound a little “out there,” but I am amazed that some people are so innovative when it comes to escaping the clutches of government. Consider these ideas now making their way toward plausibility:
Start-up company Blueseed is quickly on a path to build what amounts to a floating city in international waters with the aim to attract the world’s creative entrepreneurs. Billionaire Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel has backed this project and its think-tank-like cousin, the Seasteading Institute, for a number of years.
Currently, they’re aiming to launch their luxury floating island as early as July 2013. The big picture: The manmade “island” will float in international waters off the coast of California, just 30-minutes by helicopter from Silicon Valley, yet outside the reach of U.S. jurisdiction.
The island will provide luxury accommodations and high-tech business tools, along with the ability to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Its unique location (in international waters) allows the world’s entrepreneurs to live and conduct business near Silicon Valley without dealing with burdensome U.S. visas.
Yet, if they have a business idea or product that is scalable, they help entrepreneurs navigate U.S. law to get themselves set up in the Silicon Valley.
Will This Idea Take Off?
Will it be successful? Will they make a profit? I don’t know. The good news, compared to Newt Gingrich’s idea of setting up moon colonies, this is all privately funded!
Besides, Blueseed’s idea sounds like a bargain. Living and working arrangements on Blueseed start at just $1,600 a month, less than the cost of a luxury apartment in any major U.S. city. According to their website, “over 675 individuals from over 50 countries have already expressed interest in coming aboard.”
Plus, it’s privately funded and for-profit. The profit motive and free market (the most robust “regulation” around) will help strengthen the concept and make it viable – or push it to quickly shutter its doors – all at no expense to taxpayers.
Blueseed is New and Innovative, but it’s Not the First of its Kind…
Zip Ties
Claiming sovereignty on small plots of land or the open ocean has gone on for generations. However, for the last few decades establishing micro-nations has gone on mostly unnoticed.
One of the better known attempts was the Principality of Sealand, established in 1967. It was “claimed” by Prince Roy and went so far as creating its own postage stamps, coins, national anthem, passports, and flag.
Sealand is actually an abandoned World War II radar installation built on a platform that’s smaller than a single quarter-acre house lot. Talk about living a self-reliant lifestyle! The British government tried to shut down Sealand, but it sat in international waters and the government backed off.
In 1987, the U.K. extended its territorial waters to 12 miles, so Sealand now sits within British territory. And in 2006, a fire engulfed Sealand, damaging it severely. Today it sits unoccupied.
Central Governments Don’t Like Individuals Claiming Dominion Over Their Own Lives
There is dispute whether these are “real” nations. Many micro-nations defend their position by claiming either the Montevideo Convention of 1933, which states a nation only need a defined territory, a permanent population, a government, and the capacity to enter into relationships with other nations. Or, the constitutive theory of statehood that claims a nation exists when other nations recognize it; as is the case with Taiwan for decades.
For the most part, individuals who start micro-nations don’t bother anyone, except power hungry bureaucrats.
For instance, in the early 1970s, U.S. millionaire Michael Oliver took over reefs located about 400 miles south of Fiji and claimed the area as the Principality of Minerva. His goal was to build a libertarian-inspired city-state for a population of roughly 30,000 persons, supported by light industries such as tourism and banking.
Busybody U.S. Bureaucrats May Hate This
Even More than the United Nations
In 1971, Australian barges shipped tons of construction material to develop the island, and by 1972, the island nation of Tonga annexed it to its own country, sending a navy gunship to clear the island of settlers.
For the moment, Blueseed looks like it is staying clear of problems by sitting in international waters and not claiming sovereign nation status. This could keep it free from military actions by central governments. But, who knows? Similar to the Internet, a thriving free-market enterprise which is independent of government meddling may prove to be a big temptation for statist busybodies.
But it’s what we have come to. Of course, the better solution would be for voters to periodically remind “public servants” that they are there to serve us, not service us. Are you registered to vote this November, because now would be a good time to do so!
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The Boy Scouts are under attack again.

Over the past few days, the Homosexual Lobby made a renewed assault upon the Boy Scouts of America — their most dangerous since 2008.

You see, the Boy Scouts refuse to allow any open homosexual to serve as scout leader.

And I couldn’t agree with them more!

The Scouts’ victory in the Supreme Court in 2008 is a particular point of pride for me and Public Advocate.

Countless thousands of supporters signed the Amicus Brief Public Advocate submitted in support of the Scouts’ right to refuse homosexuals access to their boys.

And the Supreme Court saw the truth of the pro-Family position.

But the Homosexual Lobby never gave up that dream…

Now a member of the Boy Scouts’ own national board of directors is working against them.

James Turley has publicly admitted his plan to make the Scouts pro-homosexual.

He proposed they immediately accept the countless homosexuals lined waiting to join the Scouts.

The Homosexual Lobby moved quickly to claim a victory, declaring that the Morality Policy was being revised, but I am proud to say there was never a chance of that.

The National Executive Board of the Scouts was quick to crush this rumor, announcing that the Boy Scouts were committed to maintaining their moral standard.

The Homosexual Lobby claims June as their “pride” month and they seem determined to end this fight during their celebrations.

But you and I will never let that happen.

I need you to call the national office of the Boy Scouts, thank them for standing strong and request that they remove James Turly from any position of leadership: (972)580-2000

Let them know that they will not face this threat alone.

You and I have to show the Homosexual Lobby that they cannot have the Boy Scouts of America!

For the Family,

P.S. Please prayerfully consider chipping in with a donation of $10 or more to help Public Advocate fight for traditional values.

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TV networks deliberately censor biggest religious lawsuit in history against U.S. Gov’t‏



This is the worst bias by omission I have seen in the quarter century history of the Media Research Center, tantamount to the Chinese communists withholding news for 20 years that we landed on the moon, because it reflected poorly on the government. Our US media today are no different. They are now withholding news from the American people if it is harmful to the re-election of Barry Soetoro.

As first reported, 43 Catholic dioceses and organizations are suing the Soetoro administration in federal court over the attempt to force religious institutions to provide contraceptive and abortifacients with all of their health insurance.

ABC’s World News and NBC’s Nightly News completely failed to report this historic event! CBS Evening News only dedicated a brief 19 seconds to the story and framed it as a birth control debate. By contrast, ABC led their evening broadcast with the sentencing of the Rutgers student who spied on his fag roommate with a web camera. That story received three minutes and 30 seconds of coverage at the top of the newscast.

This is not a mistake or an editorial oversight by the broadcast networks. This is a deliberate and insidious withholding of national news to protect the ‘Chosen One’ who ABC, CBS and NBC have worked so hard to elect and are now abusing their journalistic influence to reelect. Even when a network like CBS mentions the suit ever-so-briefly, they botch the issue by framing it as a contraception lawsuit instead of what they know it to be: a religious freedom issue. It’s bogus, dishonest ‒ a flat out lie.

The fact is that the Catholic Church has unleashed legal Armageddon on the Soetoro administration, promising ‘we will not comply’ with a health law that strips Catholics of their religious liberty. If this isn’t ‘news’ then there’s no such thing as news. This should be leading newscasts and the subject of special, in-depth reports. Instead, these networks are sending a clear message to all Americans that the networks will go to any lengths ‒ even censoring from the public an event of this historic magnitude ‒ to prevent the release of any information that will hurt Soetoro’s chances of re-election.

Please forward this to any and all PATRIOTs, and family. Sign the petition

share it on your social networks, and remind people that freedom of religion was the firstright guarenteed to us in our Constitution.

Thank you and GOD bless,


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National Right to Work TV ads



National Right to Work TV ads should force Congress to go on record for or against the National Right to Work Act.

Unfortunately, the last thing the union bosses want is for us to expose their cronies in Congress to the nearly 80% of Americans who support the Right to Work.



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