Haters continue to attack the U.S. Constitution

“Have a GAY Ole Time”

“GAY is an EMOTION, NOT a Life Style Choice”

The HATE Group-HomoMANsexual Lobby took a very large step forward in their pursuit of the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

For the first time in over three years, the complete and entire Gay Bill of Special Rights has come up for discussion in a US Senate Committee.

Recently key portions of the bill have been pushed forward, but not the entire bill at once. Inching in their subversive act.

The Gay Bill of Special Rights, officially titled the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, has only one purpose:

To give homoMANsexuals and transOPPOSITE SIDEsexuals superior status.

Numerous experts testified before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee that the Gay Bill of Special Rights would instantly harm American employers.

For the first time in history, an individual’s sexual activity will be relevant to their employment.

And if a company turns a homoMANsexual applicant away?

They would be risking a Fraudulent Federal lawsuit… they might even be shut down for good.

Even churches that reject homoMANsexuality will be targeted.

Using the Gay Bill of Special Rights, radical Hateful homoMANsexual activists will force one church after another to embrace the homoMANsexual lifestyle, or risk becoming outlawed.

They would even be forced to ordain radical homoMANsexuals as ministers(?)!

With the Thought Control Bill already in place, homoMANsexuals have already taken steps to strip pro-Family and devout Christian Americans of their 1st Amendment religious rights.

Just last week, I wrote you about the Christian photography company in New Mexico who were charged with a crime(?) for refusing to endorse an illegal homoMANsexual “wedding(?).”

And if the Gay Bill of Special Rights is passed, not hiring or even firing homoMANsexuals or transOPPOSITE SIDEsexuals will become a federal crime(?).

So please, take a minute to PROTECT the U.S. Constitution and contact the head of this committee, Sen. Tom Harkin, to tell him that you absolutely oppose the Gay Bill of Special Rights (S. 811):

Phone: 202-224-3254

Click here to Email

Thank you in advance for your Loving hard work in this fight!

For Americans and the Family,


About The OFFICIAL Whiz

Honest, Wise, Intelligent, deep Common Sense So wished others were! Haters, hate the pure things in life, live under rocks because they can not live in the Light and thinking gives them a headache!
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