The Boy Scouts are under attack again.

Over the past few days, the Homosexual Lobby made a renewed assault upon the Boy Scouts of America — their most dangerous since 2008.

You see, the Boy Scouts refuse to allow any open homosexual to serve as scout leader.

And I couldn’t agree with them more!

The Scouts’ victory in the Supreme Court in 2008 is a particular point of pride for me and Public Advocate.

Countless thousands of supporters signed the Amicus Brief Public Advocate submitted in support of the Scouts’ right to refuse homosexuals access to their boys.

And the Supreme Court saw the truth of the pro-Family position.

But the Homosexual Lobby never gave up that dream…

Now a member of the Boy Scouts’ own national board of directors is working against them.

James Turley has publicly admitted his plan to make the Scouts pro-homosexual.

He proposed they immediately accept the countless homosexuals lined waiting to join the Scouts.

The Homosexual Lobby moved quickly to claim a victory, declaring that the Morality Policy was being revised, but I am proud to say there was never a chance of that.

The National Executive Board of the Scouts was quick to crush this rumor, announcing that the Boy Scouts were committed to maintaining their moral standard.

The Homosexual Lobby claims June as their “pride” month and they seem determined to end this fight during their celebrations.

But you and I will never let that happen.

I need you to call the national office of the Boy Scouts, thank them for standing strong and request that they remove James Turly from any position of leadership: (972)580-2000

Let them know that they will not face this threat alone.

You and I have to show the Homosexual Lobby that they cannot have the Boy Scouts of America!

For the Family,

P.S. Please prayerfully consider chipping in with a donation of $10 or more to help Public Advocate fight for traditional values.


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Honest, Wise, Intelligent, deep Common Sense So wished others were! Haters, hate the pure things in life, live under rocks because they can not live in the Light and thinking gives them a headache!
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