Radical ANTI-American activist judge in VA‏

“Have a GAY OLE time”

“GAY is an EMOTION, NOT a life style CHOICE!”

A radical ANTI-American/homoMANsexual activist has just been appointed judge in Virginia, despite the state’s legislature’s adamant rejection of his qualifications.

And Governor Bob McDonnell (VA-R) applauded it!

Here’s the full story:

About a month ago Public Advocate won a major victory in Virginia when thousands led the charge to remove Tracy Thorne’s name from the list of judicial nominees.

You see, Thorne has a track record of more than 20 years of radical ANTI-American/homoMANsexual activism.

He sued the Department of Defense to remove Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

And he is pretending to be in a homoMANsexual “marriage” despite Virginia’s law marriage as only one man and one woman.  He’s even taken his “husband’s(?)” name (two WRONGs DON’T make a right, two husbands DO NOT make a Husband) — styling himself Thorne-Begland — in a pretense of true marriage!

And despite all common sense, the ready-to-compromise conservatives(?) in Virginia’s House of Delegates were willing to give this man a judge’s bench to serve on…

With one ruling this man could have legalized homoMANsexual “marriage” in the state.

Thankfully Del. Bob Marshall sent out an alert to pro-Family Virginias and this nomination was derailed through an intense grassroots phone-in campaign — spearheaded by Public Advocate.

You and I won that round, but the HomoMANsexual Lobby found a loophole.

Despite the fact that Mr. Tracy Thorne was declared unfit by Virginia legislators, Chief Judge Richard Taylor just appointed him to the exact seat he was previously denied!

This move, while not technically illegal, is nothing less than an end-run around the legislators and the will of the people.

It is absolutely disgusting.

And it should be condemned.

But Governor Bob McDonnell immediately released a statement applauding the move!

“Mr. Thorne(Begland?) is well-qualified to serve on the bench.  [I] congratulate him on the appointment.”

Gov. McDonnell is sorely out of touch with the America people.

The very pro-American Family Virginians that he claims to represent fought tooth and nail to deny this self-serving ANTI-American a place of judicial power.

And now he has the gall to ignore everything you and I did!

But there is even more to this fight my friend.

Here is the number for the governor’s office, and a link to an email-in form.

Email the Governor

Please contact him right away and let him know how you and hundreds of thousands more pro-American Family feel about homoMANsexual activist judges.

You can also let him know this judicial fight is not over.

Right now there is no legal venue for anyone to challenge Mr. Thorne’s appointment as judge…

…But his position expires if it not confirmed by the next meeting of Virginia’s General Assembly.

And you can be sure that Public Advocate will be ready and waiting for that fight.

For the Family,


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