Homosexual Lobby Veto’d!‏- New Jersey, An American State



I’ve been so busy these past few weeks that I haven’t had a chance to let you know about a crucial victory Public Advocate scored for real marriage.

Just a few weeks ago, the Homosexual Lobby and their allies in New Jersey’s Senate attempted to force homosexual “marriage” through their state.

The bill went all the way to the governor’s desk before being stopped.

The pressure on Governor Chris Christie to sign this perverse act was immense…

…but Public Advocate supporters like you rallied in forced and filled his office with phone calls of support.

And before the day was through, he veto’d the despicable bill!

I just wanted to take a few minutes here to send you my sincerest thanks for all your hard work.

You and I have been fighting the Homosexual Lobby in so many states it can seem overwhelming at times.

Since the New Year, Public Advocate has organized phone campaigns into three states, and there are more to come.

Without your tremendous self-sacrifice, nothing I do would matter.

Thank you, my friend.

But please don’t start thinking that means we can slack off.

There is so much work yet to be done.

Even in New Jersey, the fight is far from over.

The radical Homosexual Lobby is only a few votes away from gaining the power to overturn Gov. Christie’s veto!

And they have a window almost two years long to act in.

Two years is a long time — and they only have to strike once successfully to win.

You and I will have to watch them the entire time.


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Honest, Wise, Intelligent, deep Common Sense So wished others were! Haters, hate the pure things in life, live under rocks because they can not live in the Light and thinking gives them a headache!
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