F A G Activists Exposed, Secret Rightwing Cabal – (NOT)

Family Values

Family Values (Photo credit: 37 °C)

It read like a chapter out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, instead this time, the evil protagonists were not Jews (for the most part) but rather rightwing anti-fag/ zealots whose secret(?) Facebook group was infiltrated by undercover maggots who then spread the LIES to HATERS/fag activists who then trumpeted the news across the airways and throughout cyberspace. In reality, the sensationalistic reports were totally false and what was true is hardly sensational.

The Facebook group in question is called Truth4Time, and contrary to HATERs/fag LIES, perverted, blog posts and articles, it was not disbanded this week – not for a split second – nor are there any plans to disband it. As one of the group’s administrators, Michael Brown says: “I have firsthand knowledge of this. The group is private (at present, and by design, with less than 100 members and it was formed last year by a young man who wanted “to counter the blatant outright lies made by the HOMOPHIBIANs/homosexualists that are made on articles published and posted by . . . PRO-Family warriors” including “Peter LaBarbera, Dr. Michael Brown, Linda Harvey, Matt Barber, etc.”

Some of us in the pro-family camp had noticed that when we posted articles on Christian websites, our articles were immediately bombarded by hostile HATER/fag commenters, and so it seemed like a great idea to have a Facebook group that could respond fairly and honestly to these comments while pooling relevant documents that summarized important research and news. They also became aware of HATER/fag activists who were trolling various pro-family Facebook pages, reporting them as hate-sites and trying to shut them down, and we wanted to expose this.

So, why all the fuss? And how did this relatively benign group merit a headline like this in the Huffington Post: “Truth4Time, Secret Religious Right Facebook Group, Included NOM Co-Founder, Fox News Pundit And More”? (To the credit of the editor in the Huffpost HATER/Fag Voices section, he responded to Michel Brown immediately when he raised concerns about the factual content of the article, he was courteous and helpful from first to last, and he posted Michael Brown corrections within the text of the article itself.)

What about the “big names” involved in this nefarious, clandestine group, including Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow? The simple truth is that one of the administrators added their names so they could have access to the group, but they were never present on the Facebook site and, to the best of my knowledge, never knew the group existed or had any idea their names had been added. So much for the smoking gun!


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