Vote Time is Coming

“THE YEARS WITHOUT a U.S. President 2008 – 2012”

Well it’s starting with all the political BS, and of course everybody is ragging on President George W. Bush Jr., trying to blame him for the state of this country, what a croc (three (3) trillion in debt, unemployment: 8%), trying to get you and I to look the other way, misdirect our focus on just what Soetoro is doing to our country. We all know who is to blame for this crap that is happening to this country, Barry Soetoro (aka barrack hussein obama) and his cronies (Sixteen (16) Trillion in debt, loss of jobs(unemployment: 19%), continuous attacks on our U.S. Constitution and “Bill of Rights”, Reinstated the so-called “National Defense Authorization Act”(see list of attacks, don’t forget who has the power of “VETO”). He has done nothing for four (4) years (The Years Without a U.S. President 2008 – 2012) but is run this country deep in the hole, taking away our GOD given rights as Americans. Now he is some where in The Capital laughing his a– off at the rest of us because he fooled thousands into voting for him and doesn’t have to worry about how he’s going to feed his family or pay for the Doctor’s visits or for medications, all of his is taken care of, and guess what? we are paying for it, believe it or not. Plus the a– hole still gets paid two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000.00) a year so that he can be with the haves rather than the have nots (see Parasitic Retirement Plan below). The low down dirty a– dog!!
"The Parasitic Retirement Plan"
Soetoro/Mitt Romney is only doing what any indecent man would do and that’s trying to DESTROY this country as he shouldn’t do, however, he has had no stumbling blocks, i.e. congressmen/women, senators and those lobbyist, that lobbying for everything that Soetoro is trying to do. Paying Off all those folks that can help Soetoro get what he wants, and I can guarantee you this, that whatever it is, it’s not for the middle class or anyone else if they aren’t in the upper echelon of this country.

It is a damn shame that we as a people can’t work together for the common good of everyone and DEPORT Soetoro (aka obama, for those idiots that do not read or research). I have said this before that I think that there shouldn’t be any party for for anything. All there should be is people working for people, not individuals working for certain individuals. (Soetoro’s supporters: freeDUMB from Religion Foundation, GLBT, ACLU, CEO’S President’s of Company’s and Corporation’s, ACORN) nothing for the little people, Soetoro could care less about what happens to us, as long as he gets what he wants that comes from our sweat and backs.

Think about it now, It’s only a few months before it’s voting time, and this time let’s do what’s right for our country “DEPORT Barry Soetoro (aka obama)”, we don’t need obama telling us wheather we can have health insurance or not, he has his, how are we going to get ours?

Permission to Treat the Republicans As Hostile:
ATLAH Defeats Soetoro At Red Rooster in Harlem:

Court Orders Soetoro To Resign In 90 Days: Black People Are Haters And Losers:

Natural Born Citizen: A Call For Unity:

Small List of Barry Soetoro’s (for the illiterate, aka  obama) ATTACKs on the “U.S. Constitution”

  1. obamaCare/Wealthcare; Against “FREEdom of Religion” – U.S. Constitution, First (1) Amendment – (read them, understand them, ABOVE ALL PROTECT them!
  2. Soetoro against (DOMA) Defense of Marriage Act; The Soetoro  administration recently took the unprecedented step of telling an insurance company to extend health coverage to the same-sex partner of a federal employee. Against “FREEdom of Religion” – U.S. Constitution, First (1) Amendment – (read them, understand them, ABOVE ALL PROTECT them!
  3. Black Genocide: In March, the Department of Health and Human Services released a document on obamcare with a few more details about how ObamaCare will force taxpayers to subsidize Baby Killing (abortion). Against “FREEdom of Religion” – U.S. Constitution, First (1) Amendment, and the Bill of Rights (read them, understand them, ABOVE ALL PROTECT them!
  4. Barry Soetoro recently released the details of an executive order (National Defense Resource Preparedness) the Federal government will use such measures in an outright effort to confiscate individuals’ physical gold and silver investments. Against “The Pursute of Happiness” – U.S. Constition and 5th, 6th And 8th Amendments – “Bill of Rights – (read them, understand them, ABOVE ALL PROTECT them!
  5. 26 March 2012 – Monday, Barry Soetoro told Russian President Dmitri Medvedev to relay a message to Medvedev’s successor, Vladimir Putin, that he would “have more flexibility” in regard to missile defense in Europe after the November election. Apparently, Obama forgot that the mic was on. It was the whisper heard ’round the world. = More Voter FRAUD and how Soetoro is going to sell out America to the Russians
  6. Soetoro’s, media and Democratic Party’s ANTI-Bill of Rights agenda, (see 2nd Amendment – Right to Bear Arms)
  7. Soetoro’s Bailouts of GM, Chevy and many other companies, costing you, me the common people RAISED taxes, again paying for others mistakes, just in obamacare to pay for the mistakes of pregnant women wanting to KILL (abortion) their unborn.
  8. Goodbye, 5th, 6th And 8th Amendments; Hello, Tyranny:  If you are a victim of the mainstream media propaganda machine, your answer is predictable: You likely have no idea what that means, nor who the man is, but you should. The man, by the way, is the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Robert Mueller: Asked whether or not the Barry Soetoro’s assertion that the Federal government can murder American citizens suspected of terrorism for the greater good of the Nation extends to targets on U.S. soil, the man on the right replied, “I’d have to go back, I, uh, I’m not certain whether that was addressed or not.” While mainstream media spent hours writing headlines like The Washington Post’s “Limbaugh, Fluke and the GOP’s ‘war on women’”— a controversy oddly, and conveniently, coinciding with International Women’s Day — something much more frightening than Fluke’s having to forgo luxuries while in college to pay for birth control was afoot AT YOUR EXPENSE. A week ago, Attorney General Eric Holder told an audience at Northwestern University Law School that the President of the United States “in full accordance with the Constitution” can kill American citizens that pose a threat to the Federal government. Holder added something else that may actually account for Mueller’s confusion: The President’s authority to murder U.S. citizens without due process, trial or conviction is “not limited to the battlefields in Afghanistan” because “we are at war with a stateless enemy, prone to shifting operations from country to country.”

Not to worry, though. Since Soetoro and the Federal bureaucracy have opted to do away with three Amendments included in the Bill of Rights, they have offered their own due process of sorts. Three conditions must be met prior to the murder, according to Holder: First, the target must pose an “imminent threat of violent attack against the U.S.” Second, capturing the target is deemed “not feasible” by the Administration. Third, the Federal government must engage the American citizen they intend to kill in a manner consistent with the rules of war: target must be deemed hostile; no excessive collateral damage; the manner chosen for the murder must not inflict unnecessary suffering. To condense the previous paragraph, it could be said that Holder’s list of requirements for murdering American citizens deemed hostile is the martial law equivalent of what once were the 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendment. The Kangaroo (supreme) Court offers no concrete definition of the term “martial law,” but most historical and legal experts contend its implementation is marked by things such as: military authority over civil and criminal laws, suspension of Habeas Corpus and the elimination of civil liberties such as the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, freedom of association and freedom of movement. Under this martial law however, public knowledge of an individual’s prosecution is eliminated, as is fate determined by his peers and the guarantee of protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

Liberty-defender Judge Andrew Napolitano put Holder’s explanation of why it is acceptable to kill Americans without trial into perspective, “There is no case law that stands for that, there is no statute that authorizes it and it directly defies the 5th Amendment to the Constitution.”

Napolitano also notes that the last time the Federal government said it could kill American citizens was during the Civil War, and “even Lincoln said it could only be done during combat”

“This Federal government, this Soetoro Administration says it can kill Americans when they’re riding with their children in the car in a desert,” said the Judge. Most Americans do not believe that any of the above-mentioned information even applies to them and adhere to an “I don’t do anything against the law so why should I worry” mantra. That is a tough argument to back up considering recent developments such as the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (reenacted by obama), initiatives by the FBI and the Department of Justice to flag mundane activities that many Americans take part in each day as possible indicators of terrorist activity, legislation focused on logging Americans’ every keystroke and Internet search and about 4,500 Federal laws (some of which you could be breaking at this very moment) on the books. How can anyone determine with absolute certainty that the Federal  government will not target and kill them — if even by mistake?

Due process is eliminated and the target will be dead once deemed a threat; there is no chance to defend innocence after the fact. Consider the patsies that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security are continually baiting into terror plots by trolling extremist websites and providing dummy weapons to bolster the alarmist agenda and assault on liberty: What if the Feds could get the “We Got Another Terrorist” headlines without any effort? What if it were as easy as locating any American who disagrees with the Federal agenda and murdering the person before releasing information to the tune of ” Barry Soetoro heroically authorizes the killing of extremist John Doe averting thousands of deaths in terror plot”?

The authorities have no shortage of possible targets. With the help of alarmist neocons continuing to push the Muslim-terrorist stereotype and the liberal left in the mainstream media and government painting American patriots as a growing legion of domestic terrorists, the perpetual-fear society is alive and well from sea to shining sea.

Add the 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments to the dead or dying Amendments, sit back and wait for the rest of the Constitution to follow.

There is one bright side to all of this for those who are so very concerned about Fluke’s contraceptives, Limbaugh’s poor choice of words, the right-left paradigm and any number of nonsense social issues: When the Federal elitists finish the job, they will stop using nonsense to divert Americans’ attention. How you feel about those issues will be decided for you.

The list is too immense to place in one blog. Please, research for yourself, THINK for YOURSELF for a “CHANGE”. use some of the following tags to find this information; obamaination, Second Amendment, Bill of Rights, change for the worst, obamacare, wealthcare, executive order, U.S. Consitution, .

Lets UNDO the DAMAGE obama has made, vote for our nations “FIRST Black President”(with a REAL Birth Certificate and REAL Social Security Number) – do a write in when you vote, vote for President HONORABLE REV Manning and his Vice President Ron Paul. Ok, So, you want some one more experienced in politics, then President Ron Paul and his Vice President HONORABLE Reverend Manning“PROTECTORs OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION and “Bill of RIGHTS” !

The PEOPLE Won one! Lets REVERSE ALL of obumers damage!!!Finally the Kangaroo (supreme) actually performed their jobs and acted like the Supreme Court for a “CHANGE”, WOW, Yea, one for the U.S. Constitution! Now if ONLY the Kangaroo (supreme) court would just institute the Constitution on  Soetoro’s Constitutionality, they would DEPORT obama back to Kenya, Africa, lets pray they do WAKE UP and perform again for the U.S. Constitution!!


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