Gloria Taylor Benefit Fundraiser

To Whom it may concern:
My name is Gloria Taylor and I was in a car accident in May of 2003.  Since the accident, I have several surgeries and I still need more.  In February of this year, we lost our health insurance and the doctors will not proceed with any of my surgeries without a payment up front.
I am calling on the cyber community to help me and I would appreciate any help I can get.  Your support is greatl needed and will not go unnoticed.
Please make checks payable to:
Please mail the checks to:
CB&T Bank of Middle GA
1444 Watson Blvd.
Warner Robins, GA 31093
                                   Thank you in advance for your support and may GOD bless you,
Gloria Taylor
She was in a serious car accident back in May 2003
Gloria, her youngest son (Lyman), and her sister (Glenda) were all in the accident.  Lyman was hospitalized from May 22 until Sept. 30th, 2003.  We all were wearing our seatbelts, the seatbelt cut Lyman’s colon se he had to have emergency surgery on it, he broke his left leg and and arm, a metal rod was put in his leg, pins in his left arm but they were removed, while they were in doing the surgery on his leg and arm his lungs colasped and his kidneys stopped functioning, he was in an induced coma for 6 weeks, to help with the pain he may have had,
He was on life support for 6 weeks and dyalisis for 8 weeks, he had to learn to sit again and to walk again.
He went thru weeks of rehab @ Scottish Rite in Atlanta. He is doing great now, but he will have to take medication for his kidneys the rest of his life.
Glenda who is mentally chalenged and Gloria takes care of her, broke her right shoulder, dislocated her right hip and ruptured her colon, she had to have colon surgery as well, she stayed in the hospital for a month then went to rehab cause she had to strengthen her leg and hip. She is fully recovered and is doing well.
Gloria was the driver, she was instantly knocked uncountious, so she dosen’t remember any of the accident.  She broke her jaw in 12 places, she was missing part of her jaw bone so they had to put a metal plate in until the bone grew back, she had a trac for 9 days, was in an induced coma for 9 days, she was on a feeding tube for 3 months, she lost 6 of her teeth, disfigured her gum on the left side, she had nerve and tissue damage on the left side, it crushed her cheek bone, they had to reconstruct it with metal plates, from the eye to the lower left jaw bone, she has underwent 3 other surgeries and will need 3 or 4 more.  They are gonna have to do some boe, tissue and nerve graghing to her left lower facial area so they can put some permenent teeth in, she will need cosmetic surgery on her lips, they are going to have to rebreak her nose and line it.
Her and her family have struggled thru this situation and haven’t asked for anyone’s help/but they are in a situation now, where they have no choice but to ask, the girl that hit Gloria didn’t have enough auto insurance to cover all the medical expences, so please have a heart and help them out.
May GOD bless each and everyone!!

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