ENOUGH is enough

No Crosses on


Federal Property!


Did you see in the news last week


Where the A.C.L.U. doesn’t want any crosses on Federal property?

Crosses on Federal Property?

Well, duh……… (Scroll Down)



Let them try and remove these. 


What are these people thinking?


At what point do we say, enough


Is enough?


Please pass this on to as many people possible


as quickly as you can even if you normally don’t do


This type of thing.


Some messages just need to be forwarded


and this is most certainly one of them.

Please take the time.



About The OFFICIAL Whiz

Honest, Wise, Intelligent, deep Common Sense So wished others were! Haters, hate the pure things in life, live under rocks because they can not live in the Light and thinking gives them a headache!
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