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The Health Benefits of Colorful Foods Like Wild Blueberries are Fully Explored In The Color Code, A New Book Now Available Nationwide

Colorful fruits and vegetables are the stars of The Color Code, a new book exploring the powerful connection between the color of foods and optimum health. A collaboration between James A. Joseph, Ph.D., Chief of the Neuroscience Laboratory at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University; endocrinologist Daniel Nadeau, M.D., and Newsweek health and nutrition writer Anne Underwood, The Color Code examines the potential health-promoting power of phytochemicals — the natural compounds that make Wild Blueberries blue, tomatoes red and spinach green.

Pigment Power

According to Dr. Joseph, phytochemicals are exciting the health and nutrition world due to recent discoveries in the areas of antioxidant and anti-aging research. The Color Code explores many of these natural compounds that provide plants with pigments, scents and flavors while focusing on two major classes, the Anthocyanins and the Carotenoids. Wild Blueberries are rich in Anthocyanins (from two Greek words meaning "plant" and "blue"). It is these compounds that are responsible for the Wild Blueberry’s blue color. 

"Incorporating colorful fruits and vegetables into a daily eating plan may be the best defensive strategy for fending off many diseases of aging such as cancer, heart disease and dementia," said Dr. Joseph. "My experience in the area of aging research and more specifically my most recent work with blueberries has made me a believer in the powerful health potential of pigmented food."

The Power of Blue

The Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA) intends to focus its consumer marketing efforts on educating the public as to the importance of color when selecting fruits and vegetables.

"The Color Code does a magnificent job explaining the science behind the phytochemical story in a consumer-friendly way," said WBANA Executive Director John Sauve. "As promoters of Wild Blueberries, we’ll be focusing our efforts on the blue story, which will help us educate consumers about the connection between color and healthy eating and more specifically about the health benefits of Wild Blueberries. We see tremendous value in collaborating with groups like the National Cancer Institute and the Produce for Better Health
Foundation to advance the 5 A Day message which is grounded in the science behind the phytochemical or color story."

According to Sauve, just a half-cup of Wild Blueberries satisfies one of the recommended 5 A Day servings of fruits and vegetables. In fact, the USDA ranks blueberries #1 in antioxidant activity. (Source: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 44:701-705; 3426-3431, 1996; 46:2686-2693, 1998.) Antioxidants are known to help fight cancer, heart disease and aging.

Frozen Wild Blueberries can be found year-round in supermarkets across the United States and Eastern Canada for convenient at-home use. "With the FDA claiming that the nutritional value of frozen produce is as good as if not better than fresh, Wild Blueberries become a smart choice for on-the-go, health-conscious consumers," continued Sauve.

Obesity in America

"In light of the current US obesity epidemic public health professionals are looking at creative ways to encourage consumers to make a life-changing decision to add more fruits and vegetables to their diet," said Dr. Nadeau. 

"Color could play a significant role in that effort serving as a simple, visual cue to healthy eating. I hope The Color Code helps consumers think about their personal health and the food they buy as essentially intertwined."


WBANA is an international trade association of growers and processors of Wild Blueberries from Maine, Atlantic Canada and Quebec, dedicated to bringing Wild Blueberries to consumers worldwide.

CONTACTS: John Sauve, Wild Blueberry Association of North America, (207) 288-2655 or Susan Till, SWARDLICK MARKETING GROUP, (207) 775-4100. WEB SITE:  

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